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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What is Bush thinking?

I mean, seriously. The Bush Administration’s choice to not meet with Cindy Sheehan regarding getting our military forces out of Iraq defies all logic. One would think that in light of gravely floundering support for the military effort, Bush, nay, Bush’s advisers would see this as an opportunity to do a bit of positive PR and have our Chief Executive appear to be the compassionate conservative he originally professed to be by granting a meeting with her and providing some semblance of an explanation to why American forces will “stay the course.” Talk about missed opportunity

To aggravate (much to my pleasure) the situation, the Republican leadership is even calling for the President to meet with her. This will be the only time I will ever publicly express thanks to Senator George Allen of Virginia. (And, indirectly, thanks to Frank Rich for hipping me to it.)

When your “base” is telling you it would be common decency to meet Cindy, in elected office, shouldn’t it be logical to maybe take that hint every once in a while? Again, I am loathed to call George Allen a representative of the Republican base, but he sure professes to be. And, since it suites my argument, he is most certainly base. Please allow the double entendre to wash over you fully.

The Bush Administration has been really enigmatic. Either they are oblivious, i.e. they are just completely clueless as to how to intelligently handle this situation, or, slightly more likely, they are the epitomes of hubris incarnate and will not deign to show any fallacy in their governance. It is really hard for me to tell. Certainly the allusions to Vietnam will increase with the increased protest/peace movement. We already have the class A quagmire ready made. Hippies in the 60’s got blamed for lots of society’s ills down the line, but right or wrong, they were spot on when it came to Vietnam.

On the other hand, Bush and crew do have a lot on their plate and could just be flustered and not thinking clearly with regards to Ms. Sheehan’s protest. There is Plamegate, North Korea, the Sudan genocide, skyrocketing fuel prices, and global warming all to consider. The White House claims to have already met Cindy Sheehan, but this is, as yet, remains unconfirmed.

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