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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Notice anything different?

The previous template for this blog was beginning to strain my eyes. I am all about the content, really, but I am also mindful of my readers… and their eyes. That is, if I have any.

For once, this will be an entry devoid of political retching. Fancy that!

Yesterday evening, I ventured to the Drama Bookshop to get some plays to read. I am currently looking for monologues that are fitting for my type. This is sort of a difficult task. I am reading lots of good stuff, but not coming up with any material where I can say “Yeah! I can do that and do it really well!”

Type is a difficult thing to assess, really. It requires a high level of self awareness with a dynamic balance between being arrogant and humble. People tell me that I look like a young Christopher Reeve. Ok, but I don’t look good in blue tights and flowing capes. So, of the theoretical 200+ readers that have at least brushed over this page, does anyone have any recommendations for monologue material for a young looking 30 year old skinny white guy?

Currently I am reading Mrs. Farnsworth by A.R. Gurney, This is How it Goes by Neil Labute, ThomPain by Will Eno, The God of Hell by Sam Shepard and The Archbishop's Ceiling by Arthur Miller. Actually, that is my current line-up and I will read them consecutively. Mrs. Farnsworth is great so far!

Any and all suggestions will be most welcome with the exception of any telling me to go and copulate with myself or any derivation therein. Ideally these pieces should be in the ballpark of two minutes. Thank you in advance.

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