Bourgeois Deviant

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Oh Dear Lord!

Good gracious it is been a while since my one time "proper blogger" posterior posted on this here little outlet. My most deviant apologies to all three of you who might check in on the odd blue moon.

Great holidays were had. Traveling transpired with great alacrity as with each destination achieved, fun was had and joy was spread. And by joy, I mean news.

No, not the Good News.

Christ was sort of in Christmas, but we didn't wish to coddle and spoil the newborn messiah. We wished to tell everyone about the newborn we (i.e. Bourgeois Deviant and Bourgeois Wife) would be producing come July 2006.

That’s right. Deviant spawn.

So, from here on, periodically you will be getting updates on aforementioned spawn heretofore dubbed Bourgeois Bananas. Comedy and hilarity to ensue.

It’s good to be back.


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