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Thursday, January 17, 2008

What I'd like

So, my favorite blogger posted a list of what he wants out of the candidate who is to be the recipient of his vote in the '08 Presidential election. Its quite good. The criteria I particularly like are:
  • Restoration of Habeus corpus;
  • Repeal of NSPD-51, a directive signed by the current President that empowers the Executive to legally seize all powers of government;
  • Cessation or severe curtailment of the use of Signing Statements;
  • Cessation of all extralegal activities of the Executive Branch with regard to FISA;
  • Cessation of all extralegal or otherwise inhuman methods of treatment of captured "enemy combatants";
  • Assertion that the Vice-Presidency is in the Executive Branch;
  • Refusal to grant pardons in which they have a vested interest;
The other three on the list are totally valid, but these seven truly float my boat. In the past, I have pondered the next executive to hold the office of President and the powers they will inherit. What Checkypantz has done is to remind me of this and make me wonder why no journalists are asking questions about this stuff. Seriously. Habeas corpus, NSPD-51, Signing Statements, FISA and the actual place of the office of the Vice President in government have all been major stories over the last seven years and have total relevance and bearing on the next President to hold office. So why aren't the candidates being vetted on such issues?

These questions need to be asked and definitive answers need to be given from all the candidates. Over the last eight years, the American people have let too much slide with regards to their rights and governance. That has to stop and the effort begins with this election.

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  • Why aren't they being vetted on these issues? Two words:

    Hillary's Tears.

    Seriously. When shit like that can capture 72 hours of news and THEN get the credit/blame for all the New Hampshire polling being wrong, what possible incentive would networks have to actually cover these issues?

    Because of your insight & questions, I added words to my post.

    By Blogger CheckyPantz, at Thursday, January 17, 2008 11:45:00 AM  

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