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Friday, February 15, 2008

Office humor

Office humor in a financial institution. Asked to provide summary points on this.
Theory of Gambling & Statistical Logic
Epstein, Richard A. 1977

“Gambling being one of the few constants of the human condition…”
Here, the author subtly equates gambling and all of its related areas (i.e. money, profit, commodities, loss, etc…) to prostitution.

  • Step 1. Get money or like valued commodity.
  • Step2. Crack nut on colloquial system of probability based games of chance.
  • Step 3. With cracked nut, enter aforementioned arena and crush all competitors with mathematical precision.
  • Step 4. Evaluate lessons derived from success and seek out comparable arenas/markets.
  • Step 5. Compile debt as currency and use said capital to found small island empire where prostitution of any sort is legal because Richard Epstein said so.
  • Other themes:
    • Words
    • Numbers
    • Stuff[i]: As relates to things Epstein alludes to which, as sub-textual Freudian analysis will reveal, all center around his mother and feelings of inadequacy. Inadequacy leads to mastery of numbers and delusional notions of grandeur fostering aspirations of empire and despotic rule.

[i] Inferences made while hallucinating on overdose of Novocain. Given assurances of Novocain’s lack of psychotropic qualities, figured it was “for real” and warranted mention given potential merit to understanding of author’s work.

All apologies for this sophomoric attempt at humor at Mr. Epstein’s expense which, I am sure is a subject of significant value to you who are, indirectly but chiefly responsible for my continued employment.

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