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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Uninformed Musings

Gaza. My gut tells me that the action of Israel handing it over to Palestine is a good thing. I cannot fathom what it might be like to lose one's home because the government says you have to, but one just has to head on over to Prospect Heights, Brooklyn (a.k.a. Ratnerville) to get the crux of that.

Religion does not resonate with me too much. I get that the Jewish world thinks that God wants them to have that land. Palestinians think the same way, but Jehova's name is Allah and after World War 2, the world community wrenched it away from them. So, why aren't these two sides seeing the similarities? Both faiths want their women to be modest. Both cultures have unique but similar dietary restrictions. Both peoples have been displaced.

It did sort of please me that Sharon called the guy who started shooting Palestinians a terrorist. A spade, after all, is a spade. Now, to play with fuel and matches... Why do we care? Why do we pay so much attention to this as opposed to the Sudan or Rwanda or Chechnya? Or *gasp* Afghanistan?

Yes America has a lot of Jews. Ok. Fine. But that aside, our allegiances to Israel don't make a great deal of sense. I say this for strictly economic reasons. We get nothing from Israel. No natural resources, no real product, no viable or lucrative trade. Israel has been a festering burr in the saddle of the US for decades. Yes there is money for arms deals, but that is a micro-sector relative to the world economy. And I hate guns. Talk about breeding bad karma.

At the end of the day, who is any man or woman to say they know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the mind and will of god? Are we all not human and, therefore, fallible? The Jews in Gaza... rather, leaving Gaza, need to shut up and deal. And the Palestinians need to pipe down and be humble and thankful that they have gotten this far.

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