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Monday, October 24, 2005

Rambling Monday

I don’t have anything specific to write about today, but I do have some time that I could be devoting to an undeserving corporate America that I would sooner give over to the blogosphere. Aren’t you the lucky ones?

First, surprise was the reaction at the lack of comment on my Walken ’08 post. Either the readership has no love of the Continental or it was, in the reader’s estimation, a lackluster post. Remember, its ok to love the Walken. Just don’t have to love the Walken. Champagne anyone?

Second (not that this is a concrete list of anything in particular), I have been dabbling with a theory for a long time now. It focuses on the figurative age of sovereign nations relative to applicable character traits given to individuals within certain age brackets. The crux of the idea driving at how the United States is behaving (i.e. like a sophomoric, arrogant late teen early 20 something) vs. how it should be behaving (i.e. more in the 30s wit some modicum of forthrightness and honesty). It is not a cogent theory yet, but look for it in the days ahead.

Third (again, no list intended, just abiding by the established mode as well as being male and habitually linear as is the vice of my gender according to remembered feminist theory from my undergraduate years), as with many Americans, nay, individuals the world over, I am wholly dissatisfied with my job. As most may know, I temp for a major global banking institution. This in and of itself is crushing enough. I loathe the finance world. It all too often seems to eliminate the human from the equation, which by some estimation is the cancer within capitalism that will eventually kill or irrevocably harm it beyond mending. But this fire and brimstone isn’t what is killing this experience, believe it or not. What is nailing this coffin shut is that the work is incompatible with my desired career goals.

More specifically, being a wanna be actor, having some aspirations beyond being a bit player and career extra requires a good amount drive and energy. Training is something I want to get more of as well. Be it misguided or not, getting an MFA is something that I want to do. So, all things considered, I needs me some time and energy to do this stuff. Presently, I work a 9 – 5 day and by the end of it, I am either run ragged or so tapped out from soulless work, I haven’t the heart, stomach or energy to look @ more text, work or write. Change is needed. Change is paramount. More on this as change is affected.

El quatro point-o (use of faux-Spanish to lessen the rigorous imposition of said linear format in efforts to make the reader more relaxed and less oppressed by the status quo of the things that are) is a rather disheartening picture I got of the state of affairs in Iraq. Last week I listened to a podcast of Democracy Now! and on it was an interview conducted by Amy Goodman with journalist Robert Fisk of The Independent. This guy is really sharp and appears to have a good handle on things. The picture, from his point of view is bleak. At the end of the interview, there was a grim closer with a thin silver lining that went like this…

AMY GOODMAN: What gives you hope? What gives you hope?

ROBERT FISK: Nothing. I’m sorry. Nothing. I’m sorry. Nothing at the moment. Ordinary people, I guess. Ordinary people who speak out. People in the Arab world as well. But in terms of governments, nothing much. I may be wrong. I may be too much of a pessimist because I've seen too much. (DN!)

This makes you think, doesn’t it?

More as it happens.

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