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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Joey Ratz Furthers His Lameness

The Joey Ratz midst papal judo chop. Caption: "Gays on the left... Everyone else on the right."

The Popah has said that gay men are not allowed to be priests. How about that for a healthy dose of intolerance? It is really a silly declaration. Mind you, not a thilly declarathion. Just sort of antithetical to what a good religion should be, if you ask me, i.e. inclusive. Then again, the Catholic Church has always been a little slow off the blocks when it comes to matters of science and all that. Remember when the Church officially forgave Galileo for saying the Earth was not the center of the Universe back in the 1990's? I rest my case.

The Holy See and his churchly minions still tow the line that homosexuality is a choice. For some hipsters that may be so, but for the most part, at least the gay men and lesbian women that I know say they were born that way. Hell, the world has witnessed gay penguins! Silo and Roy are qeering it up at the Central Park Zoo for all to see daily. What more proof do you need that there is a precedent in nature? And aren't we all God's children?

What I never understood about much of organized Christian faith is how anyone can be arrogant enough to claim to know the mind of God. If you keep it really simple, all of the major world religions are, for the most part, identical. Do good deeds, don't harm anyone, be productive, and respect others, blah blah blah blah blah. Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and Christians all espouse that stuff. The names and dates vary, but being compassionate and conscientious are the ground rules that we all need to follow. I am pretty sure that homosexuals are equally as capable of that as much as straightees are, if not at times more so.

It can be confidently said that creating social divisions in society is a big negative. J.R. Popah just punched himself in the Karmic nads, not to mention that he is probably undermining the sustainability of the clergy. If this declaration of exclusion is a pro-active attempt to curtail child-buggery, it is analogous to curing athlete’s foot by amputating the leg.

I can't rightly say one way or the other if his Ratz-See-ness has some beef with leather chaps, techno or the Indigo Girls but his Pontifship should be using his twilight years for better things like, say... working for human rights awareness or working that whole Jesus loves you thing in places that have an abundance of hate. All I know is that during my twelve years of Catholic education (K - 12) I knew a good number of priests and a good number of those HAD to be gay. They did their job, didn't bugger me, and for the most part led good lives as far as I could tell. It will be interesting to see if there is an exodus of priests who consider themselves chaste, faithful and gay. Time will tell.


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