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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Note the Changes

Just a quick entry to point out a few additions to the right column of the bourgeois blog here:

Chowhound. If you live in any major urban area and need to scout out some good chow, odds are these folks know about it or can track it down. Check it out and join in.

The Green Guide. I got this link via Treehugger. It seems like a good thing, so I am just spreading the word.

oolsi. Another link from Treehugger. Again, just spreading the good word. There's some useful stuff here.

The Unofficial Robert Fisk page. I heard an interview with this guy on Democracy Now!'s podcast and it floored me. He is a reporter for The Independent over in the UK and has a good handle on what is going on over in Iraq. He just published a new book that I intend to read before year's end. Again, this site is worth a glance. His interview on DN! is also worth the read/listen. Mind you, not uplifting, but certainly eye opening.

National Novel Writing Month is something I was chatting with Cue-Master T.H. Mills about last night. It looks to be a worthy endeavor and thought the bourgeoisie should know about it.

A little known fact about bourgeois deviants is that they have a mad love of futbol. No, not American, mind you, but world futbol. The beautiful game. Better known as soccer here in the States. The World Cup is nearing and the frenzy will be manifest. To see all the matches that are worth the time spent, Nevada Smith's is the place to be. A true New York institution in ever sense of the word.

The Tiger Lillies are a nifty trio that I discovered (partial credit to Martha Who?) in 1998. They just float my musical boat.

Also, note the Cost of the War in Iraq counter. Astounding.

On an unrelated note, I want to holla out to the DCeiver. He just did a killer stretch of writing over on Wonkette and it was thoroughly pleasing. He is also getting some well deserved time over on the DCist. Aforementioned Cue-Master recommended that we do so, so we just want to throw some love his way. Holla! Spread the love.

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