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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Perpetuating Yellow

Has anyone out there thought about how long we have been on yellow alert? I can, after a cursory glance through a couple search term variations, find no tabulation or accounting of how many days the country has spent on any of the alert levels. It would in many ways be a fairly solid barometer to gauge the success of the so called "War on Terror." I would be willing to guess that yellow alert has made up the greatest percentage of time since the system was initiated. I would also be willing to eat my own hat if we have had one day of alert level green. I hungrily await to be enlightened to the end of culinary haberdashery. C'mon bloggosphere, hit me with your best shot.

I am sick of yellow. Frankly, I am bored to tears with the current alert status. This boredom extends into dissatisfaction with the "War on Terror." The fact that we have been stuck on yellow for so long and have not digressed from it is a glaring indicator that whatever our country's leadership is doing in its efforts to increase our security is about as successful as President Bush's academic, business or even political careers, I.E. weak, lackluster, wrong, slow and failing. Methinks that the majority of national government suffers from terminal cranial rectal inversion.

When I think of yellow, I want to think of cheese or mustard. I don't want to think of a terror alert level. I don't want to think about the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on the decision to assign the color yellow to the "elevated" status. I mean, seriously. Master Shake is funny and all, but not enough to get his own show. A blue level of threat would be good every once in a while. A little dose of Carl does the terror threat level good. (BTW, if you haven't a clue what I am talking about, click on the Current "Terror Threat" Level banner to the right and you will get a better idea. That and you can look up Aqua Teen Hunger Force) However, it might just be that someone in power really likes the color yellow and has embraced the idea of renewable resources in what is abundantly available in federal government these days. That would be incompetence. A secondary renewable resource would be duplicity. Bush and Cheney respectively thank you very much.

Seriously, if someone out there knows the stats on the number of days we have been at each alert level, please hip me to it. If there is a counter that I could pop over in my right column here, that would be grand too.


  • You wrote this one just so I could geek out on it, didn't you? That was awfully kind of you.

    I've been recording in my Clie the dates when the terror alert levels have risen and fallen since the system's inception on March 12, 2002. From information there, I can tell you the following:

    * The nationwide terror alert level has been at Yellow: Elevated for 1,271 days (including today, 12/5/05)
    * The terror alert level has been officially raised five times, each time to orange.
    * We have been at Orange: High for a total of 93 days.
    * We have never been at alert levels Green, Blue or Red.
    * There have been two targeted alert level elevations: One in 2004 that named financial buildings in the northeast as potential targets, and one earlier this summer that named the mass transit systems nationwide but did not prompt a larger, blanket alert-level raising. These are not counted in the day count above.
    * Wikipedia is your friend.

    All of this said, I don't think it's warranted that we go to Green. There are still problems out there, foreign and domestic, and the populace shouldn't let its guard down entirely. We should be guarded. Make that Blue: Guarded.

    It'll never happen. We're stuck on Yellow: Stupid. To lower the level, Bush's critics would say, is the administration claiming that the terror threat has been abated and the Terror-Industrial Complex (to coin a phrase) must look elsewhere for its fat contracts. To raise the level now would also be viewed as politics, an attempt to distract people from the "War on Terror", or Plamegate, or Tom DeLay, or whatever else the administration needs to deflect attention from.

    Excellent observation, though.

    As far as I know, there is not a counter out there that does what I just did in Excel. But since I did it in a computer program, I strongly suspect that it's possible to write something up in Javascript that will accomplish this task. I don't think I have the wherewithall to be the person who does it.

    By Blogger CheckyPantz, at Monday, December 05, 2005 5:04:00 AM  

  • The info confirms what I suspected and I agree with you that green is never going to happen. That, then, begs the question... What's the point of having a green level?

    I suppose we all have to have ideal goals, however unnattainable. To be in the blue is probably reachable in real terms. Meaning that excluding the current leadership and thinking, it is totally within the realm of possibility to get to blue, but it will require some out of the box thinking and action.

    By Blogger A. L. Deviant, at Monday, December 12, 2005 9:32:00 AM  

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