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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Bit: Guilty Pleasures

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Since the dawn of time... No. Scratch that.

Since the dawn of my adolescence... Wait. That’s still not entirely right.

Since the dawn of my collegial career (third time is a charm!) my deviance has had a love of knowledge. In specific, exploring the deviant world through both revealing and inquiring about my fellow Homo-Sapiens’s guilty pleasures.

Now, what I mean by "Guilty Pleasure" is really pretty simple. For example, I savor the culinary combo of cottage cheese and pickled red beets. Delicious on so many levels. As the years passed, I grew to learn that this combo, not to mention the individual components of this pleasure-o-mine, nauseates people to the point of queasy.

Being that the national religion of the Bourgeois Deviant is catholicism, one naturally surmises that guilt is endemic. When people scorned my love of the beets'n cheese, the default reaction was what you might expect. But being bourgeois, I transcended the guilt and turned that frown upside-down.

So, share your guilty pleasures with me. Won't you? Seriously. It can be anything. Like, if you enjoy our President intellectually or really get a kick out of sniffing gasoline at the filling station. Email it to me or list it here as comment and spread the joy. I will give it its own unique entry and bat around some commentary-esqe babble. No scorn, just understanding, awareness and fun.


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