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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Guilty Pleasures: Martha Who? Edition

Supplied to you by Martha Who? with editorial comment from yours truly.

Grilled cheese with dijon mustard added before grilling. Dan thinks this is disgusting.
The Bourgeois Deviant Response (TBDR): This ain’t guilty. But, perhaps in context, it may be so. I will have to try it and report back.

Ketchup mixed with Honey as a dipping sauce for chicken nuggets.
TBDR: Again, what is guilty here is not was is stated. Chicken nuggets??? I mean… Have you seen Super Size Me? Good thing you are a vegetarian now.

A huge guilty pleasure is looking at paint chips at Home Depot or nail polish bottles at the salon and fancying myself a job where I could create the names for such colors -- I mean, there must be someone in a room somewhere coming up with such gems as "chimayo red" or "fossil butte" or "quietude" or "tropical fusion"
TBDR: This is, well, guilty. I won’t be as bold as to quantify the guilt, but man! Its sort of twisted from this Southerner’s point of view. Then again, it could be because I didn’t think of it.

Being barefoot on pavement. The worst offense: On July 4, 1997, I walked from the National Mall all the way to DuPont Circle without shoes. I know this is disgusting. I needed to soak my feet for 30 minutes to clean them off before going out.
TBDR: Guilty as charged and happily so. However, guilt is only in that others may find this to be certainly true in its deviance. Also, depending on what part of DuPont Circle you walked through, crossing over a fire pit might have been safer. I am proud of you.

Watching reality television is a huge guilty pleasure. It started with Survivor and The Apprentice, but really I could get sucked into anything.
TBDR: You aren’t alone. *Watches Real World / Road Rules: The Gauntlet and all related programming ad nauseum.* You are so so not alone.

BD: Anyone else care to share? All entries accepted with all editorial rights reserved.
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  • Oh MAN, I checked out of the blogosphere for a few days while on an RnR jaunt in FLA and I missed my first special edition anything! :)

    I will say that reading this in the context of this forum makes me realize how F-ed up that barefoot on pavement thing is. I can't put my finger on it -- it's something about loving the feel of warm tar on my little padfeet.

    As for the chicken nuggets thing... I know -- GROSS right? I'm so over the meat in all of it's forms (processed, free range, or plastic) but I do need to say that I DO drive through the golden arches once or twice a month for the guilty pleasure that I neglected to put on the list -- I like to take my dog through the drive through and get him a small pkg of french fries. I for one LOATHE french fries. But my bestest four legged friend considers this to be the finest delicacy available to his species. I hate to let him down...

    Up next... I need to send you this phat recipe for a roasted beets and goat cheese appetizer -- it was on the menu at cooking class a month or so ago and it made me think of your beets and cottage cheese guilty pleasure.

    I remain, Guilty as Charged, yours in the 'hood:

    By Blogger Martha Who?, at Wednesday, February 15, 2006 10:03:00 PM  

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