Bourgeois Deviant

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Holy Flaming Torino!

This was a bit much. Don't you think? And, doesn't this title sound a bit like a drink? Definitely something with Drambuie in it.

On a side note: Yoko Ono? Oh no. Seriously. I am down with the whole peace message, but she just puts me off. Deep down, I still feel like maybe she had John killed. It could have been a Fluxus event or just killing him off before his fame waned and he became marginalized. Call it a way of bumping the stock up. Look what it did for Van Gough!

Then again, I am most certainly wrong and going to hell for even momentarily thinking I was right. Still, Yoko sours my peaceful milk. Pu pu on you Torino.


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