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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Guilty Pleasure Near Miss

Footballers Wives.

Have you seen it? First, you should know that I can't in any honesty say that it is any good. This is why it is entertaining, perhaps. Like, it is so bad that it is nearly good. The reasons I have watched an episode of it are several. Firstly, it is advertising on subway billboards around New York. The images have a decidedly BBC sheen to them and are well composed. So, they get aesthetic points.

The second reason I actually took the time to watch this delicious trip is that a friend asked me if I have seen it and that I even knew of it was a surprise to him. The gauntlet had been issued. I had to at least have a glance at it.

DVR is a handy thing. You can get through a program in nearly half the time its original airing took. This was the mode in which I experienced Footballers Wives. Thank goodness. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I lost 40 minutes of my life that I will never get back, but if I had seen it in the full one hour version, I would certainly feel as though I had lost some time.

Footballers Wives closest American counterpart is Desperate Housewives (w/ a little dash of Passions, perhaps). Again, this comparison is made with only having seen bits of each. Basically, this is to say that FW is incredibly soapy. There was a time when I liked soap operas a fair bit. Call this a former guilty pleasure. Alas/alack, no more. The most enjoyable thing for me watching FW was the awfulness of it, yet all the while, the actors are selling absolutely terrible lines with aplomb. The chief differences lay in the out-ness of discussing homosexuality (like, you see men buggering one another in a scene, briefly. No actual naughty bits are shown, thankfully.), the general bluntness of sex in general (Like no subtext at all). In those respects, it was refreshing to watch, if only for a visceral moment or two.

As to whether this production of the BBC raises or lowers the bar, I cannot say. At the very least, it looks good and gets dirtier than we Yanks are currently putting forth on network television. It made me consider, again, the puritan nature of our country. Don't worry, I won't start.

So, in the days ahead, keep an eye out for a new real guilty pleasure courtesy of Go Dann! Go!

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