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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Open Call For Guilty Pleasures

For some stupid reason, I thought this would catch on and I would be innundated with confessional submissions of guilty pleasures. Apparently not. However, I am still welcoming them with open arms, ready for comment. Martha Who? and The Wolf (a.k.a. Eschaton) ponied up in grand fashion. I would adore it if the wee but loyal readership of this here blog would throw this blog a bone. (Yes, I am looking @ you Checkypantz, Yo Ambro!, those in FDH, DCeiver & Wife of DCeiver, Le Porq)

Just a reminder, here's how it works:
So, share your guilty pleasures with me. Won't you? Seriously. It can be anything. Like, if you enjoy our President intellectually or really get a kick out of sniffing gasoline at the filling station. Email it to me or list it here as comment and spread the joy. I will give it its own unique entry and bat around some commentary-esqe babble. No scorn, just understanding, awareness and fun.
So, help a Deviant out why don't ya?

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  • I'm going to call out Bourgeois Deviant on a guilty pleasure. He has this tendency to gravitate towards activities that he knows annoys others. Case in point, my glasses. He will act like he's going to lovingly touch my face or hair and then wipe is smudgy, dirty fingers all over my glasses. Why you ask am I adding this to guilty pleasures? I guess you could say that one of mine is an unnatural need to keep my glasses SPOTLESS (and yes I take pleasure in very clean glasses.)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, April 11, 2006 4:43:00 PM  

  • The Extremeskins Message Board -- a complete and utter black hole (burgandy and gold hole?) of senseless, ceaseless minituae devoted to the Washington Redskins. Headlines of recent posts:

    "New Horse Collar Rule benefits Portis?"

    "Would you wear Skins paraphernalia (sic) anywhere?"

    "Why must everyone hate Steve Spurrier so much?"

    "Annoying Players in the NFC East Over the Years"

    This website is so addictive and thus so troubling to me. Why must I always be there, lurking, voyeuristically indulging in the inanity. Am I that much of a Skins nut?

    Yes. Oh yes.

    Also: As much as I can't stand realit-v, I've watched more than one episode of Number One Single, Project Runway (season 1 -- luuuv that Jay!) and America's Next Celebrity Chef (or whatever it's called)

    There, I've said it, and I suck. I need to go bathe.

    - le porq

    By Blogger Le Porq, at Friday, April 14, 2006 11:11:00 AM  

  • Mrs. B.D.: High School Rock. Plain and simple. Anything that is catchy, can be seen on TRL or would attract a crowd of screaming, hormonal, high school girls with braces and bad skin. I'm so ashamed (not really.)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, April 17, 2006 5:25:00 PM  

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