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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Guilty Pleasures: Peachy Wolf Edition

Supplied to you by Peachy Wolf with editorial comment from yours truly.

A huge helping of sausage, beans and chips on a single plate UK style. I only enjoy it about once a year, but enjoy it I do.
TBDR: Initially, this is quite guilty. However, given the caveat of it being once a year, it leans toward the ritual. This lessens the guilt of the pleasure to a muted nostalgia. Whereas if you indulged in this fortnightly, ‘twould be guilty as sin. Kudos on a gentle opening primer.

The Bee Gees. Try it, play "Stayin' Alive" loud. Really loud.
TBDR: This is remarkably astute. It borders on resonating within the collective unconscious. If there ever was one work of pop music created that was guaranteed to generate a visceral, however brief, shit-eating grin, it would be anything off of the “Stayin’ Alive” album. Bonus points.

1980's "War of the Worlds" series. I just bought the first season and it is atrocious, I know it's atrocious but I still watch it. The beauty of it: It's one of those shows that completely revamped it's plot for the second season without a shred of narrative explanation. It was quickly cancelled.
TBDR: Uh, this would be guilty in being uniquely a writer’s guilty pleasure (of which I am not a party, really), perhaps. It is not for TBD to judge. That said, the thin residue of memory of the series leads to concurrence that it was indeed atrocious. Perhaps the guilt may have roots in a subliminal indulgent masochism? It is, perhaps TBD’s guilty pleasure of enjoying Stargate SG1 that makes this particular pleasure so deliciously salient.

Double Breasted Suits. Given my Italian heritage I should stay away, far away, but what am I gonna do?
TBDR: Indeed. What ARE you going to do?

Theme parks. I love me some roller coasters and $8 cokes, also, part and parcel, water parks. Even 12 year olds look at me askance.
TBDR: This is tough. Theme parks in and of themselves are not truly guilty in a visceral sense. Everyone has their individual threshold for thrills and these places specialize in that. There is nothing wrong with the enjoyment of the visceral.

Now, if you bring in external factors, like the environmental impact of such places, the rampant waste and consumption that they cater to and encourage, they are most certainly guilty. But there was no caveat or qualifier to say that you attended them habitually. If you went once a week, that would be trez guilty (enough to be worthy of legend). And, if you are genuine in implying that you derive actual pleasure in paying $8 for a soda at such places, the guilt compounds to such irrational magnitude that Romanesque decadence doesn’t begin to encapsulate it. The complexity and potential are truly boggling. TBD is left breathless. Thank you.

Lastly, twelve-year-olds are often smarter than we ever give them credit for.

BD: Anyone else care to share? All entries accepted with all editorial rights reserved. Thank you in advance for playing.
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