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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back in the Saddle

So, for all two of you who might check this screed with any regularity, I'm officially back. Not that I was ever gone. Its just that for the last six months, but more the latter three, this little bugger has been keeping me more than busy.

BFD is now about 6.5 months and, as you might guess, a bundle of energy. Its been the best thing in this blogger's life and, oddly, true to this blog's name. Full time stay-at-home-Dad is a title that may do my professional resume little good, but it is one that I am the most proud of.

With all that said, the blogging saddle is something I can re-ascend as now that I have been at this Dad thing for just over three months, I have a relaxed handle on it. Blogging feels approachable again. However, it must be noted that given the wealth of material out there what with the War, the Libby trial, presidential candidates announcing and other like news, its all very hard to know where to jump in. So, I won't. Not really. Easing in with topics close to my heart seems more agreeable.

I am sure I will, one day soon, get back to my formerly righteously indignant self, but not this day. Too much good stuff has been going on for me personally with BFD, friends getting back in touch, favorite bands landing NYC gigs, etc... to channel any palpable piss and vinegar that was once my forte. Ebbs and flows, crests and troughs, righteous waves and calm seas. All part of the same water that is this life.

If you're checking me regularly, thanks so much. If you're here for the first time, do come again.

More as it happens.

The BD

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