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Friday, April 18, 2008

Teh Popah!

He's coming to NY and I can't not totally wait!

Ta to teh DCeiver.

Now, note that his Holy See-ness is talking up a storm re: pedophilia abuses and the Church. Talk is one thing. Action is another. When he acts in some palpable papal way to sort out the sick individuals who abused kids hiding under the cassock of the church, then I'll listen. Gladly. Until then, Joey Ratz will remain purely symbolic and, for the most part, empty.

Is he even going to Boston?

Update: Nod to Checkypantz - Papapalpable –adjective [pay-puh-pal-puh-bull]: Definitive, appreciable action on the Pontiff's part as a follow-through to statements made in efforts to address abhorrent problems. (alternative spelling - popapalpable)

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