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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hey all. Migraine Nation tipped me off to a simple web page that is, it purports, independent of the Obama '08 campaign. It calculates your tax cut under the Obama tax plan, should (when) he be elected. It also notes what the difference would be under the McCain tax plan. All it takes is a minute and its enlightening, if not a bit sparse on substantiation. Until I see information to show me otherwise, I am inclined to trust it.

Big surprise! The Obama tax plan saves you more tax money. Well, unless you're a plutocrat or oligarch.

Its not like I wasn't going to vote for Obama anyway. Its just that tax policy, despite being an adult (sort of) and tax payer for the last fifteen years, I've never really felt is really as important as things like foreign policy, national defense and domestic issues like conservation, farm policy, etc... Anyhow, it only caught my interest a bit more because I had a Facebook dialogue with an old friend who is a small business owner in which he claimed he was voting for McCain because he did not want to pay higher taxes under Obama. Aforementioned page does not talk about taxes on business, nor am I in the slightest bit aware of any kind of business tax policy in this country. It just reinforced my agitation with the American peoples' inability to see a bigger picture, long run world view.

This old friend is a good person. His opinion is valid. I just don't think its that well informed or imbued with any sense of community or broad world view. I know other people who wretch about the Federal Government specifically because of the tax issue. Every time I hear it, it sounds incredibly selfish no matter who says it. It would make more sense and sound a great deal better to complain about how the money is used or where it goes or the priority of those who are managing it. And yes, it does suck to send your hard earned dollars to the Government every year, but so what? No one likes it. Quit your whining and look to the bigger issues that, when dealt with to a solution, will do more to cut your taxes and improve your quality of life than just voting for a man or party that says you get to keep your money. Think about it like taking your medicine.

Sure I am talking in broad strokes and generalizations are easy. So? Its my blog and I'll do what I want. And I have been for over three years now. May I make it three more. Good day.

P.S. d.a. has some more depth on why the fiscal conservatism thing blows.

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  • I second the bigger picture. I came to your site to see how a political commentary is supposed to look. I've been trying my own on my page...let me know how I'm doing. Seriously. I can take it now.

    By Blogger Limbic Resonance, at Thursday, September 25, 2008 8:47:00 PM  

  • "Until I see information to show me otherwise, I am inclined to trust it."

    Do you see enough now? We are getting prepped for the largest tax increases of all time, all thanks to your candidate's aggressive path to national bankruptcy. (But he's such an eloquent speaker!)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thursday, May 28, 2009 9:18:00 PM  

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