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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Spatial Attraction

Faffing about the links list to the right and considering the post prior to this one, I had a small epiphany. Space fascinates me. No, not NASA or Star Wars/Trek space, but the space we deal in daily. To elaborate and clarify, I am an actor. I have never really completely understood my fixation with it, but aforementioned realization just brought me a step closer. I love the theatre because it is a magical place. Not in a Merlin sort of way, mind you, but it is constantly pregnant with potential, which is titillating, to say the least. That is, in my estimation, magical.

Urban and suburban planning, architecture and all derivations of design therein have been areas of interest. Photography has been a subtle passion in my life and it is for its framing qualities, i.e. a paper proscenium framed and hung or put in a book, the moment captured forever. It is all related, but I guess I never let my mind wander to that relation. Moments are what we frame our life in. It is not often that we bookmark the banalities of our daily life. Space, be it in the home, on the subway or walking down the block, contextualize and flavor those moments. It could be surmised that without a good space, good moments are less likely to happen. Without those good moments, life isn’t that good.

This is just a musing in lew of doing actual work, but it also quantifies my love for the five boroughs. Epiphanies midst distraction are great.


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