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Monday, April 17, 2006

Alternative Energy Quest: Prologue

Everyone needs a hobby. I have several. However as much fun as they are, none are terribly productive. In efforts to become more productive, I have decided to shift from being an advocate for green causes and alternative energies an activist and/or practitioner of aforementioned things. It can be said that change starts with you and starts at home. So be it.

Living in a Co-Op in Brooklyn is not like living in a typical apartment building. In brief, you don’t own your home, you own shares of a corporation that is the building in which you reside. So, if it is a business in which you hold shares, it is in your interest to improve the value of those shares. Being that the soul of the business is the place we call home; improving the place is of the first order. In wishing to do this, I have decided to make it my hobby to attempt to get my Co-Op to switch over to some form of alternative energy.

Now, alternative energy has some fairly broad opportunities available, generally. For my part, residing on the top floor and being one of five owners of roof deck space, and knowing the weather of the immediate area, wind power seems to be the best first attempt to make. For you, the readers, I am going to detail my efforts and learning experience on this outlet. It will be mutually serving in that I will have a place to catalogue my steps and you will be able to see the efforts of someone who knows relatively nothing about the fields involved get an education and learn on the fly how a Joe-average-consumer does this type of thing.

I have no timetable as yet. This could be my first great mistake. But, for the time being, it will just be the way of things. If this is really of interest to you, check back about once a week as that would be my guess as to how often this topic might be updated.

Fingers crossed!


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