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Monday, May 01, 2006


Balls has a new name. Stephen Colbert. Instead of saying "You've got some balls!" You should now say "You got some Stephen Colbert!" Did you see what he did at the White House Correspondents' dinner?
Mandel Ngan/Agence France-Presse - Getty Images
See why here, here or here. [C&L]

Now, let me just say that Jon Stewart is still tops in my book. There are only two reasons for this. First, he's been at it a little longer. Second, he's doing it as himself. Still, Colbert's stock just went way WAY up. More power to you Stephen.

UPDATE: Ok. So I have read the full transcript of the monologue and seen the video. I am utterly gob smacked. I will stand by my previous statement. However, I will wager with ballzy confidence that Stephen Colbert does, in fact, have bigger balls than Jon Stewart.

I think that were it not for Stewart's single handedly deep six-ing Crossfire on CNN moons ago, Colbert's monologue blitz on Saturday night might not have been possible on the level and veracity that we have seen it in. Certainly the President's current approval rating was enabling.

All things considered, this performance will resonate for some time to come. I dare say that this was Theatre in its highest, most potent form.

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