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Thursday, April 20, 2006

More Green Thought

I wouldn't call it "on a roll" exactly, but my ire has been sufficiently drawn out by the last post. Over at Raise the Hammer a great article about a tangent favorite subject of mine.
What cars offer in personal mobility, privacy and comfort is more than offset by the damage they have done to Canadian cities, quality of life, civic pride and human health both physically and socially. [Jason Leach]
The EXACT same can be said of the American way of life as well. This is not to say that it is the chief and sole problem with North America, and that to solve it, all wrongs would be righted. On the contrary, it is just the tip of the iceburg. Howerver, it is one problem that is truly possible to solve and, relatively speaking, would be fairly painless.

It should be noted that Jason Leach might very well be the first Christian I have whole heartedly agreed with about anything in a quite some time. Congratulations Pastor.

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