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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Book of Jesus, 4:20

Flipping around the internets, I stumbled on this item. Jesus used cannabis. I am not surprised. Rather, it justifies some of the religious fervor during those times, and their perpetual need for bread.

It has been speculated by others that the Buddha drank rice milk that had a mild hallucinogenic chemical in it. So, for a religious figurehead to partake of some manner of intoxicant is not unprecedented. I mean, I dare you to show me a catholic priest who doesn’t drink outside of celebrating mass.

The Lord, Jesus Christ is always a hot topic for Americans. Either you are balking against his devout followers (i.e. yours truly vs. the Christian right), or going so far as to capably speculate over his very existence (The God Who Wasn’t There). So, as these things go, to draw a conclusion that Jesus got high is not that outlandish or objectionable. There weren’t exactly drug prohibitions back then, nor were benign intoxicants politicized and demonized. Religions and behavior, however, were. That is, religions were criminalized when they undermined the Roman authority.

Anyhow, the linked article above goes on to say that derivative oil from cannabis was used in many anointing ceremonies, etc… in early Judaism and, apparently, in Christianity. It would certainly explain Christianity’s wild popularity in its formative years. I mean, its so easy for simple stuff to blow your mind when you are stoned. And, if it feels good and “God” says its cool, of course you are going to do it.

This is not implying that if I could go to church and get a phat hit of Jesus weed, I’d be beyond devout. However, methinks that Christians of all denominations and Jews of all sects would be a lot nicer and easier to get along with on many different levels if they got in touch with these particularly early roots. (via: Hugg: GU)

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