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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Getting with it

Been a bit lax of late with the whole posting thing. Apologies. In that lament, let me highlight the dereliction of duty to one of my fav bands. Four Day Hombre have put out a grand album and are on the brink of releasing an assuredly delicious single with tasty bonus tracks. There is even a clever and aesthetically pleasing animated video to accompany the upcoming single.

It is perhaps spoiler-ish of me to include it here, but go ahead and take a gander as its worth the time spent. Official release of the single is yet to happen, but Don't Go Gently has been cribbed by BBC Radio Five Live and Sky Sports, so why not give it some promotional space here? Right?

Check it out, take a look, have a listen, join the mailing list, mark your calendar. Or, just get the entire album. Unlike a lot of music out there, FDH's offerings are worth the price. But I am just a sucker for getting in on the ground floor.

BTW, working on another lewd playlet. Look for it later today. Title: Cultural Differences. Let your mind wander...

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