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Friday, December 09, 2005

A Likeable Conservative

Routinely, (well... until the Times went all Select on us) I have found merit in David Brooks. He is, to my tastes, the Right's version of fair and balanced, if the phrase were to be applied in all objectivity (because there is no such thing as a completely impartial individual). Of late, the only real content I get from him is what he inputs over on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer or other pundit friendly news programs.

Today, I read The American Scene and they had this quote from him:

. . . Conservatives have not effectively addressed the second-generation issues. Technological change has really changed the economy, introducing new stratifications. Inequality is rising. Wage stagnation is a problem. Social mobility is lagging, and globalization hurts hard-working people. Global warming is real (conservatives secretly know this). The health care system is ridiculous. Welfare reform is unfinished. Conservatives have not addressed these second-generation issues as effectively as their forebears addressed the first-generation ones. (TAS)

Ross Douthat says that’s all you need to read of that particular article and I thank him for it. Why this pleases me is that a respected conservative columnist is articulating what the Democrats fail to because they have said it adnauseum in every way save for directly. Plus, the Dems have reputations as whiners and coming from them, this would sound particularly whiney. So, for Brooks to say this (and he has said similar things periodically and incrementally) may herald the first few snowflakes that will become the avalanche that will be the all too hoped for implosion of the Republican Party.

Would that it would happen sooner than later.


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