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Thursday, January 26, 2006

DC Olympic Team...

From West Capitol & J Street, NW:
I love this idea!

I just got this awesome email. I encourage everyone to support this noble cause. I thought their previous venture to rename RFK stadium was brilliant but this one takes the cake. I also love that the DCOC Chairman and Curling Team Captain is a guy I vaguely knew in college:

Last year, you helped strike a blow for democracy by supporting the effort to rename RFK Stadium, "Taxation Without Representation Field at RFK Stadium." We didn't win that battle (yet), but we got a lot of attention for DC's lack of representation, and put the issue in front of new audiences in the process.

To continue this fight, we're proud to announce that we are launching a much bigger and bolder effort: District of Columbia Olympic Committee (DCOC)

That's right. We've started the process of getting Olympic teams for the District of Columbia. We figure if other territories that have a single, non-voting delegate in Congress like Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands can have their own Olympic teams, why not DC? If we can't have representation in Congress -- then we should at least have representation in the Olympics.

We've even put together a curling team -- it was the only sport that fit our collective athletic prowess, plus nobody wanted to wear the tight body suits for the luge. (We're pretty sure you didn't want to see that either.) The DCOC even has an offcial sponsor, Labatt Beer.

We're going to need your help in pleading our case to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Please join us and send a message to the IOC today. Tell them to "Let DC Play!"

You can learn more about this effort at Visit the site, join a team, and send a message to the International Olympic Committee. You'll be helping make the case for democracy in DC.

Please spread this to your 10,000 closest friends -- especially any who are reporters, have blogs, or just like to talk a lot .

Mike Panetta & the DC Olympic Committee
(aka, the Taxation Without Representation Stadium Crew)
Just because its a good idea to further a good cause.


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