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Monday, January 23, 2006

WTF is a MeMe?

10 Things You Never Knew About Me
(‘Cause Martha MeMe’d me)

1. In grade school this blogger was on a trivia team that got to the quarter finals. The question that sunk the team’s chances answer was “trolling.” This blogger choked on the answer and, consequently, the one girl on the team never liked me after that. She was stuck up anyway. He still likes to fish, though.

2. When this blogger was 6 years old, he went fishing with his Dad in a canoe on a lake. They were a couple of miles from their cabin when the wind really kicked up and a thunder & lightning storm hit. They paddled to a shore and had to drag the canoe up and pull it over them to protect from the rain and lightning. This blogger was never scared and still thinks it was one of the best times he ever had with his Dad.

3. This blogger wanted to name his dog David after his best friend in first grade. It didn’t happen. He was named Charlie instead and was a great dog.

4. This blogger wishes he could find religion, but finds organized religion utterly abhorrent.

5. The Marx Brothers are a huge soft spot for this blogger.

6. This blogger found out in 2005 that he has colitis and, consequently, can’t eat meat (it would appear), and, consequently, misses steak terribly. However, his lust for sushi has grown ten fold.

7. Esto blogger was planning on applying to grad schools this year, but had to switch it up upon discovery of Baby Bourgeois Bananas coming on the scene in July. Now he looks forward to being a stay- at-home Dad for a while.

8. Aforementioned father-to-be is balding, slowly but surely. Thusly, he feels slightly less confident than he used to.

9. This slowly balding father-to-be/blogger has, as of this 30th year on this green earth, never had a burning desire nor has he ever been to a strip club or any like establishment. He finds the potential sense of desperation that could permeate the air unpalatable.

10. Since moving to Brooklyn, New York, the subject of this MeMe has become a notoriously bad driver and, as a result, even worse with driving directions.

11. *BONUS MeMe* or *MeMeMe* - Doesn’t know five other bloggers to MeMe ‘cause Martha Who? done gone and took ‘em all. So, won’t.


  • awwwww shucks, love. You're a good sport. Thanks for playing.

    Now -- I really did NOT know alot of those things! RE: the colitis... we should talk off line about the vegetarian cookbook that saved my life. Or maybe we should start a separate blog with recipes for a meat-free life. (but not a beet-free life!)


    By Blogger Martha Who?, at Monday, January 23, 2006 3:25:00 PM  

  • Will work on resolving #9 for ya, buddy...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, January 24, 2006 1:59:00 PM  

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