Bourgeois Deviant

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lewd Playlet: Cold Winter’s Night

Set: Union Street, Brooklyn, NY. Temp: 22° F. Windy.


The Bourgeois Deviant – 30, Devastatingly handsome. Formerly athletic. Walking and shivering.

Mrs. Bourgeois Deviant – 27, Radiantly beautiful and three months pregnant. Periodically athletic. Walking and nearly shivering.

BD -Can you hurry up? Its freak’n cold!

Mrs. BD -*teeth chattering* Duh! And, HELLO! I’m pregnant! Cut me some slack!

BD -Yeah. I know. But seriously. I’m bloody cold! You have a warmer coat on. Meanwhile my balls are in my throat I’m so cold. Hurry up!

Mrs. BD -Puh! Bite me!

BD -Suck my balls!

*silence, moments pass*

Mrs. BD -Shouldn’t it be “Kiss me. Passionately. And lick my balls!”?

*both giggle*

BD -That would be better.



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