Bourgeois Deviant

Friday, December 09, 2005

Emirates Airline Can Fly THIS!

Here's Sven-Goran Eriksson saying: "What do you mean the Bourgeois Deviant can't watch the World Cup Draw live because the the fucking server is busy? Totally FUCKING WEAK! Off with Beckham's head!"

So exasperating. This is celarly an act of terrorism. I mean... look who's sponsoring it!!! But, since we are bourgeois AND deviant and, through no fault of our own, American, I blame Germany too! And Pele! And the whole fucking EU! I've got the fever for World Cup futbol and there's no relief. Ugh! Suck my holes FIFA!

Its because of Bolton isn't it? Jerks. Server busy my arse!

Update: AND Heidi Klum is there. Thats like pouring salt on the wound. Good lord it is terrible to be me right now.

Update Deux: Sorry, but recognition of the true culprit failed. In typical Yankee fashion, Europe was the focus of blame, score and enmity whereas it really should have been bloody YAHOO! Pricks. I hope Google wipes its dingleberry laden arse with you.

Menege Update: Leave it to the BBC to give me my fix. Whew!


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